RPA Standard Edition v2.3.0 Release

RPA (Rocket Propulsion Analysis) is the tool to own for liquid fuelled rocket engine design.
Although, having been around for a while, downloading the latest update I thought it may make a good post to talk about for those who have never come across it.

RPA Screenshot

Basically, RPA allows you to design your liquid rocket engine from the ground up, carrying out performance analysis, chamber sizing, chamber cooling analysis to name a few of the features.
It is very easy to use and allows quick design and iteration of your rocket engine and can also export a .dxf file of the inner engine geometry for further CAD design.

It can be downloaded as a trial in the lite edition but I would highly recommend buying a full version, it will be an investment you would not regret.

Click here to download and give it a go.

Team Ursa

I was recently made aware of Team Ursa, who are building some very cool rockets and hardware and have been doing so for a few years now.

Ursa 2.1 launch operations (Credit: Team Ursa)
Ursa 2.1 launch operations (Credit: Team Ursa)

Team Ursa’s mission as stated on their website,

Team Ursa and its partner, Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation, find space exploration to be a potent motivator for students and adults alike. By using the sub-orbital aerospace platform, Team Ursa works with Mavericks to inspire students and communities to invest in STEM through the development of open-source reference designs. These reference designs are intended for the educational and research community’s use to further younger generations’ involvement in STEM, and aid in making sub-orbital space a more accessible laboratory for students.

The team started out as 6 University of Maine senior capstone students who got together to build their first rocket, Ursa 1.0. Ursa 1.0 was a 2 stage solid propelled rocket designed to achieve 100,000ft in altitude, as shown below.

Ursa 1.0 (Credit: Team Ursa)

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89mm Sugar Shot to Space ‘M’ impulse sugar motor test two at FAR

Video Caption: The second static test of an 89mm ‘M’ impulse KNSB sugar motor at the FAR site in the Mojave Desert of California for the Sugar Shot to Space project. (Friends of Amateur Rocketry dot org and on facebook)

3D Printed Servo Valve

2016-07-06 09.47.14
Servo Valve

As I progress on my own rocket projects, I thought I would let everyone know what I have been up to lately. Juggling study and life can make things a bit slow but things are coming together for my test stand.

As part of this stand, I wanted some servo actuated valves for the pressurant and or vents etc. I was inspired by Rocket Moonlighting and his 3D printed valve holders so set about making my own.

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