November 2018 at FAR

FAR is the Friends of Amateur Rocketry and is an organisation and test facility in the Mojave Desert where experimenters can test and launch their rocket projects.

Video Caption: A few of the larger projects at the FAR Saturday, November 17, 2018

Fathom II reaches 144,000ft

As mentioned in a previous post, USCRPL students recently launched and recovered their solid fueled Fathom II rocket from Spaceport America, there was no mention of an altitude at the time of posting but now the numbers are in!

144,000ft in altitude and a max speed of Mach 4, makes this a record breaking rocket flight! This marks the highest altitude that a student built and designed rocket has achieved, while also being successfully recovered.

Great work team!

HEROS 3 On Display at the German Aerospace Centre

HEROS 3 flew to 32.3 km in altitude and currently holds the European student and amateur rocket altitude record.
For more info of the rocket, check out the teams Facebook and website.

Team AeroPac 100k’ Project Video

The team of the AeroPac 100k’ Project have posted their winning¬†Carmack Prize rocket launch attempt video ‘Ready To Launch’ that was made for an ad campaign. The flight took place in 2012 but because of permissions needed, this vignette video has only been posted now.

The original flight videos have been online for a while, such as below,

The 2 stage rocket reached an altitude of 104,659ft and was recovered successfully.

As with the rules of the prize, a technical report and all video must be posted, the report can be downloaded here.

More information on the winning attempt can be found on Team AeroPac’s main site.