Tortas 8 Winning Flight at Spaceport America Cup

Video Caption: MASA’s hybrid engine rocket, Tortas 8, flies at the 2017 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition for the inaugural Spaceport America Cup. It placed first in the 30,000 foot target altitude, student researched and developed, hybrid/liquid engine category. With this rocket, the team also won the Spaceport America Cup by being voted best overall by the judges.

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Spaceport America Cup On Now!

The Spaceport America Cup and International Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IIREC) are currently underway at Spaceport America.

110 teams from 11 countries will be launching their rockets, be it solid, hybrid or liquid to target altitude of 10,000 and 30,000ft.

One particular rocket to watch out for is the ULA intern rocket, Future Heavy, which as outlined in the graphic below is huge!

You can follow the event on,
Facebook – ESRA

MIT Rocket Team Test 100% 3D Printed Solid Rocket Motor

In what is possibly a first, the MIT Rocket team have successfully tested a fully 3D printed solid rocket motor. The motor which included everything bar the propellant was printed from Nylon.

Be interesting to know the cost, let’s say vs a hobby motor of the equivalent size.

Check out the video below and read the full write-up here.

Video Caption: Using Markforged Onyx Nylon a 2 piece, completely 3D printed rocket motor was fired for the first time by MIT Rocket Team on April 21.

Without the generous support of Markforged this project would not have been possible.

Worlds Largest Sugar Rocket Motor Test

12″ diameter (304.8mm), 2 Bates grains, 260lbs (117kg) of propellant!

Be interesting to know the thrust and chamber pressures achieved in this test, they seem to have figured out any grain cracking issues that could arise and over pressurize the motor, looking forward to seeing more tests of this size in the future!

Video Caption: 2 grains 12×20
260 pounds of propellant
Motor by Rick Maschek and Eric Beckner

Phoenix 3 Sugar Rocket Launch

Video Caption: A 4″ (100mm) ‘K’ impulse 2-grain sugar motor. The airframe was made from salvaged and scrounged materials from other rockets. The propellant was KNSB with a 1″ (25mm) core. Launched November 5, 2016 from the FAR site, Mojave Desert.