Interstellar Technologies To Launch 2nd Rocket Before Years End

A nice article over at SpaceNews who interviewed the company at the recent Smallsat Conference.

A second Momo rocket will be launched before the end of the year, the cause of failure of the first launch being a loss of telemetry.

Nothing really new besides what we already know, although their orbital rocket plans will switch to new rocket engines and a turbopump feed system, of which I have the shown testing video on here in the past.

Momo Documentary Video

A short video (in Japanese) about Interstellar Technologies recent Momo rocket launch.

Interstellar Technologies Launch Momo Rocket

Updated 2/8/2017 – Added more launch footage

IST successfully launched their Momo sounding rocket, unfortunately, a glitch in the telemetry of the rocket was encountered and the flight was terminated after 66sec of powered flight, the rocket then fell into the ocean safe zone 6.5km off shore.

I have already read talk of Momo2, so hopefully, the team can give it another shot before the year is out.

Momo Rocket Launch July 29th

Interstellar Technologies Inc have been working towards launch of their Momo sounding rocket, this will be the first private rocket launch to go to space from Japan.

Momo is 9.9m long, 0.502m diameter and has a lift off weight of 1000kg. Able to deliver a 20kg payload to 120km in altitude the rocket is powered by a 12kN lox/ethanol pressure fed engine.

You can download the payload user guide here for more information.

The team have had a very active development path, I thoroughly suggest checking out their YouTube channel if this is the first you have heard of them!

Although out of the amateur realm, I have been following the group for some time, so fingers crossed for a successful launch.

The launch is scheduled for July 29th.

Interstellar Technologies Gas Generator and Attitude Control Testing

I missed these latest videos from Interstellar Technologies, the first one showcases gas generator static tests using a combination of liquid oxygen and kerosene. Although the team’s Momo suborbital sounding rocket will use a gas pressurized feed system, I guess a turbopump system will be required for their orbital launcher plans.

The second video showcases the team’s experiments in attitude control, refining their system for controlled flight (from a couple of years ago).

IST LEAP Flight Progression

Interstellar Technologies Inc. who are working towards a guided suborbital rocket flight (Momo) and eventually a small satellite launcher, have recently been making progress with their control system experimentations.
LEAP or Flight test for attitude control is a vertical take off lunar landing looking rocket that has been designed to test the team’s control system. Four flights have been carried out so far, and as can be seen in the video’s below, steady progress has been made.

Although not new video’s, I thought it was worth posting as it is interesting to watch and see the teams progression to date.


Interstellar Tech 80sec Engine Burn

An 80sec rocket engine burn by Interstellar Technologies Inc. One hot nozzle!!