Graveler II News Clip

I came across this ATVN news clip about the teams Graveler II static fire back at the end of February.

Video Caption: Students in the USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory are back after setting a world record during their static fire rocket test in the Mojave Desert.

USCRPL Aim For April Space Shot

From the team’s website,

Launch planned for APRIL 2018
TRAVELER III will be USCRPL’s third attempt to launch a rocket to space. The rocket has a nominal predicted altitude of 415,000 ft, which will exceed the Karman Line, making USCRPL the first student group to launch a student built and designed rocket to SPACE!

This, of course, follows on from the recent successful static fire of the Graveler II engine.

Fingers crossed the third time is a charm!

Graveler II Stats

YouTube still of Graveler II in action! (Credit: USCRPL)

The stats are in from the recent Graveler II rocket motor test by USCRPL,

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, Feb 17th 2018 when GRAVELER II, an 8-inch diameter, 80.5-inch long R-class solid rocket motor, was successfully fired, becoming the the largest successful composite case static fire by an amateur group based on total impulse! The motor delivered a total impulse of 42,000 lbf-sec,producing a maximum thrust of 4864 lbs.

Of note,

Graveler II, short for “Ground Traveler,” was a static test of the rocket motor for the upcoming Traveler III space shot rocket. This test was a key milestone in the development of Traveler III, validating the motorcase and nozzle design while also providing important data to characterize the performance of the rocket motor.

Read the full update and check out the test video here.

USCRPL Graveler II Static Fire

Of note, this was the largest composite case static test fire (total impulse) by an amateur group.

Fathom II Full Release 144,000 ft

A nice overview video of USCRPL’s Fathom II launch from back in March showcasing prep, launch/flight, and recovery. The team set a record for student built rockets.

Video Caption: On March 3rd, 2017, University of Southern California Rocket Propulsion Lab launched Fathom II, a sub-scale model of its space-shot vehicle in Spaceport America, New Mexico. Fathom II reached 144,00 ft at apogee, taking the record for highest student rocket by almost 50,000 feet.

USCRPL Fathom II Launch on Wired

A pretty cool video from Wired of USCRPL’s Fathom II rocket that launched recently from Spaceport America to 144,000ft.

The student space race is heating up, with DARE to launch Stratos III later this year which is capable of achieving 80km (262,467ft) in altitude.

Check out the video here.

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