FAR MARS Competition

The FAR MARS Competition is a student contest to build and fly a bi-propellant liquid rocket to 45,000ft carrying a 2.2lb (1 kg) payload. $50,000 will be awarded to the team closest to this altitude and a second $50,000 prize will be awarded to the closest team that achieves this with a liquid oxygen/liquid methane rocket engine. A single team able to achieve both goals can win the total prize pool.

The contest will commence May 5th, 2018.

Below is a spreadsheet of current teams vying for the prizes, after a bit of discussion with like-minded groups and individuals on Twitter, a central go to  resource was initiated to keep track of all the teams and their progress.

Feel free to add to and edit the spreadsheet here! Google Docs Link

[I, or Mach5lowdown are not affiliated with either FAR or the MARS Society, for further contest information please click the above links]

Weekend Launch 1 – May 5-6 2018
  • The Rocket Project at UCLA launched their Odyssey 2 rocket, but ~7-8s into flight lost the vehicle due to a RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly). The team believe this was caused due to torsion on a welded fitting to the fuel tank.

Weekend Launch 2 – May 12-13 2018