FAR MARS Competition

[Updated 18/9/2018]

The FAR MARS Competition is a student contest to build and fly a bi-propellant liquid rocket to 45,000ft carrying a 2.2lb (1 kg) payload. $50,000 will be awarded to the team closest to this altitude and a second $50,000 prize will be awarded to the closest team that achieves this with a liquid oxygen/liquid methane rocket engine. A single team able to achieve both goals can win the total prize pool.

Below is a spreadsheet of current teams vying for the prizes, after a bit of discussion with like-minded groups and individuals on Twitter, a central go-to resource was initiated to keep track of all the teams and their progress.

The contest has since wrapped up for 2018 with the only launch attempt from UCLA. A new date for 2019 has now been announced and will see teams launching for the prize in March!

[I, or Mach5lowdown are not affiliated with either FAR or the MARS Society, for further contest information please click the above links]


Launch Weekend, March 2nd and 3rd, 2019.

2019 Entry List
Feel free to add to and edit the 2019 spreadsheet here! Google Docs Link



2018 Entry List (intended or flew)

Weekend Launch 1 – May 5-6 2018
  • The Rocket Project at UCLA launched their Odyssey 2 rocket, but ~7-8s into flight lost the vehicle due to a RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly). The team believes this was caused due to torsion on a welded fitting to the fuel tank.

Weekend Launch 2 – May 12-13 2018
  • No attempts