Insight into Building a Launcher Company

As well as all the amateur rocketry projects I follow, I also am quite interested in all the new space startup companies that have been forming in the last few years. Browsing youtube I found the following videos from Draper TV, where Nadir Bagaveev of Bagaveev Corporation is speaking at Draper University. Nadir is the founder and chief designer and his company is aiming to build a nanosatellite launcher.

Nadir talks about his 3D printed rockets, pumps and his experience in building a company.

To show what Nadir and his company have been up to check out this video below of one of their engines being fired, completely run by turbo pumps.

And some upper stage hardware.


#The Entrepreneurs# A Dream To Space

I recently came across this mini documentary of Bagaveev Corporation, who are developing and building 3D printed components for a dedicated nanosatellite launcher. The company has the prestige of being the first in the world to fly a rocket with a 3D printed rocket engine, as reported here.

Video Caption: A Dream To Space 《The Entrepreneurs》
“3D printing rocket? Is he crazy?” This is how people think about Nadir Bagaveyev, the CEO of Bagaveyev Rocket Company, who use the technology of 3D printing to build the engines and components. “I just like to look up,” he said, “I have a powerful dream, and I have been following it for a long time.” A story of a young man who has been following his dream, and trying all he can to inspire the whole world. “Let’s aim for space, moon, and stars, instead of sitting here like frogs in a little pond.”

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