Iron Lotus Comes to Life!

Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group recently test fired their Iron Lotus rocket engine. Developing ~2500lbf (11.1kN) of thrust, the engine was tested for 1 and 3sec burn times.
As the name implies, the engine is a steel heat sink engine, not intended for long duration firing and primarily used for ignition testing, before the (flight) regen Lotus Dev 2 engine is tested.

That sound and echo are impressive!!

BURPG – Year in Review

The Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group have posted a new update of their last year of rocket development activities. As is known the team switched from a hybrid rocket motor to a liquid fueled engine to power their Starscraper suborbital rocket, the last few months has seen the team test this engine.

Lotus Engine (Credit: BURPG)

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