CS Recent Engine Testing and Walk-through of Nexø II

As Copenhagen Suborbitals work towards launching their Nexø II this summer, the team have been busy carrying out further BPM5 engine testing and preparing the rocket for flight.

An engine test was recently carried out on May 5th where the main purpose was to verify the code in the engine controller. Five tests were conducted, with the team also experimenting with different fuel mixtures.
You can read more about those tests here, data included!
And check out the full album of the day’s test activities here.

With the upcoming launch, the team have provided a walkthrough video of the rocket explaining it’s features. The rocket is a stepping stone towards the much larger and human-rated Spica rocket. To learn more about the rocket you can also check out the team’s info page here.

Video Caption: The Nexø II rocket is up for launch this summer. In this video (Part 1 of 2 ) we walk you through the engine section of the rocket.

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TVG-BPM5 By Jop Nijenhuis

Video Caption: A short video about my graduation project for my study in applied Mechatronics Engineering which I performed at Copenhagen Suborbitals. My project is a prototype of a rocket engine gimbal thrust vector control system, which was designed and built in 2016.

A slightly foggy day – BPM-5 engine test day

Video Caption: BPM-5 engine test day
the 4th of February 2017
As something new, we used our pressurisation system actively by changing the engine chamber pressure along the way. We tried to keep the O/F ratio constant and change the feed pressure so the chamber pressure would increase.
We would then be able to map the O/F ratio and chamber pressure with just a few tests.
by Copenhagen Suborbitals

CS 35sec BPM5 Burn

Video Caption: On October 10th 2016 we put our BPM5 engine through the longest burn to date. In 35 seconds it provided a total impulse of 180.000 Ns.
On the data overlay pressures are given in bar, temperatures in degrees centigrade and thrust in newton.

BPM-5 – 4th Static Test

Video Caption: The 4th. static test of BPM-5 bipropellant rocket engine, by Copenhagen Suborbitals. 2016-05-21.

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CS BPM-5 Control Vane Test

Copenhagen Suborbitals recently conducted another static test of their BPM-5 rocket engine. This time the tests were to test a graphite and copper control vane in the exhaust, these control vanes will be used on the Nexo class of rockets enabling control in pitch ,yaw and roll for a guided trajectory.


You can find more information on the test and the rocket engine, here.