Liquid Rocket Engines 8: Aerospikes

Video Caption: Hi Rocketeers! Today we’ll be looking at how to design an aerospike nozzle by hand. I’m definitely not doing an aerospike nozzle on my engine, but I’d done the math for another project and I thought it would be cool to show off!

My previous video on nozzles:
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Solid Rocket Motors 1.5: OpenMotor Tips

Charlie does a great job in summing up the variables in a solid rocket motor and how they effect the design, you can find OpenMotor here to work along.

Video Caption: Hi Rocketeers! One of my Patreons requested a video that went more in depth on failures that can occur in simulating solid rocket motors. This video shows some of the ways a motor design can be found deficient in simulation before you build one.


Solid Rocket Motors 1: Design

Charlie Garcia walks us through the design of solid rocket motors in his new YouTube tutorial series.

Video Caption: Hi Rocketeers! In this series of videos I want to teach you how to mix your own professional grade solid rocket motor. Far safer and much more efficient than your typical rocket-candy motors, we’ll explore the intricacies of grain geometries, simulation software, graphite nozzles, and aluminum cases, all while providing links to reputable suppliers. In this episode we’re looking over the design of the grain geometry of our motor, and exploring how to use the simulation software OpenMotor.


Liquid Rocket Engines 6: Nozzle

Video Caption: Today we talk about how we design the nozzle!

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Liquid Rocket Engines 5: Main Propellant Valves

Video Caption: Description Hi Rocketeers! This week we worked on the main propellant valve. I finally remembered to focus my camera right away, and I tried some new lighting and audio equipment, hopefully you could tell the difference! I’m travelling so no video this Saturday, and hopefully I’ll be back on schedule next week.

NASA Oxygen Servicing Procedure…
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Liquid Rocket Engines 4: Test Stand

Video Caption: Hi Rocketeers! Sorry for the late video, I made it a little longer to make it up to you! The plan for this week changed late as I switched towards the test stand, which still isn’t done, but I made some good progress. I still need to plan all of the fuel F/D and engine supply plumbing, and select a relief valve, and design the main propellant valves, which will get their own video. I’m not too far away from making hardware though, my plan is to demo the main valves in the video I design them in with a water flow test, and then continue with engine work as I save up for the regulators

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