Flight Alpha Coming Along

RML Spacelab has been a bit quiet recently, especially since the launch of the UC3 Nautilus, the teams submarine/launch platform tug.

But Peter and his team have been hard at work with the recent completion of the Flight Alpha rocket.

At 8.4m in length and 220mm in diameter, the rocket will be fueled by nitrous oxide and polyurethane and has an expected apogee of 14km.
The launch will test the wire guided system, which will stabilise the rocket for the first 50m of its flight. This technique was common with the French Vesta rockets and most recently Interorbitals CPM rocket.

Flight Alpha launch window opens August 26-27th and Flight Bravo window opens September 3-4th.

The team also unveiled their mission patch for the flight, shown below.


RML SpaceLab Static Engine Tests

Video Caption: On April 10th The Laboratory had a static test of rocket engines and The RML Media Group made a short film about it.

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