Oven Ready – BRR

Carl from British Reaction Research posts a new update on his oven progress for heat treating his aluminium tube bundled thrust chamber.

The tube bundle thrust chamber will be a weldment composed of 6082 and 6063 elements. In order to solution treat or artificially age this I have to raise it to a temperature of 525 degrees Celsius +/- 10 degrees and hold that for a specified time.

Using a repurposed pottery kiln, and custom temperature measurement system, the test proved successful.

After 25 minutes of running the 450 degree mark was breached and after 35 minutes a temperature of 520 degrees was attained. This finally settled down at 530 degrees and stayed there, give or take a degree either way.
I didn’t think this was too bad at all, what with my initial misgivings about the accuracy of the control system and that the dial had been set quite roughly.