Landing Model Rockets Ep.6

Video Caption: Schematics, Layouts, Part Lists, Gerber Files, everything you need to get either(or both!) of these boards built 🚀→…

Tutorials for generating Gerber files:………

How PCBs are manufactured:

For more info: Scout D1 and Company Update

Video Caption: Scout D1 engineering footage and flight data:…
Blip and Blop PCB files:…
Signal Avionics Kit:

For more info: on TMRO

Video Caption: Joe Barnard of joins us to talk about his work in making model rockets emulate larger, liquid fueled vehicles such as Falcon and Electron. He has created many amazing models and has been working on thrust vector control (TVC) steering of models as well as being able to stage and even land model rockets. This is his story.

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Echo – Landing Test #2

Video Caption: ooOOOF, close one


VICE/Motherboard video:

All landing tests:…

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Flight Computer Outline – Landing Model Rockets Ep. 3

Video Caption:

Blip = Blop = Blip
Landing Model Rockets:…
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Landing Model Rockets Ep.2

Video Caption: Help support Charlie Garcia:

Jonny Hyman:

Human Digital Control Station: Autonomous Digital Control Station: Jonny’s Hybrid Rocket Project:

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Landing Model Rockets Ep. 1 – Flight Simulation

Video Caption: Flight Simulation Files:…

Music by Joe Barnard

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