Landing Model Rockets: Episode 7 – PCB Assembly

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Schematics, Layouts, Part Lists, and Gerber Files 🚀→…
Gear used in this video: Soldering Mat:
Helping Hands:
Soldering Station:
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For more info: Echo Landing Test #4

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Visualizing Quaternions:
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BPS.Space: Echo Landing Test #3

Video Caption: Help support Thanks to Roland from Actiflow for the CFD analysis!

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Landing Model Rockets Ep.6

Video Caption: Schematics, Layouts, Part Lists, Gerber Files, everything you need to get either(or both!) of these boards built 🚀→…

Tutorials for generating Gerber files:………

How PCBs are manufactured:

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Echo – Landing Test #2

Video Caption: ooOOOF, close one


VICE/Motherboard video:

All landing tests:…

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The DIY Rocketeer Building SpaceX Replicas of Self-Landing Rockets

An awesome story from Motherboard about and Joe Barnards attempt to propulsively land a model rocket!

Video Caption: Joe Barnard left his background in videography and music production to launch his life of amateur rocketry, and he shares his DIY adventures in building rockets on his YouTube channel

After he saw the launch and successful landing of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, he knew that he wanted to do that too—so he took it upon himself to learn all he could about rocket science to get a job at SpaceX. Since then, many companies have come knocking at his door, but he’s decided to keep on forging ahead with his DIY endeavors to build, launch, and land fully functional scale rockets at a fraction of the cost and time of experimenting with real rockets.

Motherboard travels to Tennessee to meet with the rocketeer leading that charge for budding DIY rocket scientists around the world.

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Flight Computer Outline – Landing Model Rockets Ep. 3

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Blip = Blop = Blip
Landing Model Rockets:…
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