Liquid Rocket Engines 6: Nozzle

Video Caption: Today we talk about how we design the nozzle!

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MASA: 2200lbf LOX/Ethanol Engine Test

Video Caption:MASA successfully conducted a second hotfire of our LOX ethanol liquid engine on May 1st. The PT-163 engine produced 2200 lbs of thrust.

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Liquid Rocket Engine Sizing

A great video lecture on Liquid Rocket Engine Sizing from USC LPL.

If you are struggling to get through the basics of Rocket Propulsion Elements, then this presentation is great to have on while flicking through the book!

Why Rocket Exhausts Look The Way They Do

I have read and been told, a good engineer can tell a lot about how the rocket engine is running by just looking at the exhaust.
Scott Manley goes into some good detail on why rocket engine exhausts look the way they do.

Video Caption: Why does the exhaust from the Space shuttle boosters & engines look completely different? There’s a huge variety in the appearance of rocket exhausts because different fuels, different technologies and different environments make them behave in a different manner.

Nexø II Launch Postponed

Unfortunately, the delay is out of their hands, hopefully, the fires are under control soon.
The launch is now scheduled for this Saturday, August 4th with backup Sunday.

Roberts Rocket Project Update – 2017-12-03

Robert has posted a new update as he works towards an all up static fire of his liquid-fuelled rocket.

The Vertical Static Test Structure is complete and passed the fit checks this weekend. It took a couple of tries to figure out the best way to install the strut and rocket without injury.

The setup looks pretty good, looking forward to seeing the hot fire.

MASA Full Duration ‘Spitfire’ Liquid Rocket Engine Test

Video Caption: This was the second static fire of MASA’s full scale liquid bipropellant rocket engine, and the first full duration 4 second firing of the engine. The Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) is a student engineering project team at the University of Michigan.

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