CSULB Beach Launch Team Chamberless Flight!

The LOX/Jet-A fueled rocket built by students at CSULB launched this past weekend, unfortunately, suffering a chamber failure, leaving it behind on the pad. Some impressive flying on a pintle injector only!

UC Irvine Rocket Project Test LOX/Methane Rocket Engine

UC Irvine Rocket Project, founded in 2017, recently had a successful test of their  LOX/Methane rocket engine.

With development starting 15 months ago the team is aiming for the Base 11 Space Challenge and FAR MARS Prize. Engine testing will continue in January and March, this will lead to a launch attempt in May/June of 2020.

The team is also developing a new test stand, appropriately named “Cold Brew”, the stand will be capable of firing an engine of up to 10,000 lbf (44.5 kN).

SDSU Static Firing

Video Caption: On November 2nd, SDSU Rocket Project had a successful static hot fire of our Lady Elizabeth Rocket. We are now preparing for launch on November 16th!

Lady Elizabeth is dedicated to Elizabeth Jackson, the late wife of Dr. Richard Woodcock. Elizabeth Jackson was larger than life and an avid supporter of education and students. By supporting Rocket Project, she has allowed us to be innovative and create a learning environment that is unique, rewarding, and beneficial to not only students but the entire university.

The rocket will fly a LOX/LCH4 Engine designed for the FAR/Mars Launch Contest.

MASA Win Phase 1 of the Base 11 Space Challenge

Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) have won phase 1 of the Base 11 space challenge, a $1 million dollar prize for a university team to build, test and fly a liquid-fueled rocket to 100 km by the end of December 2021.

Phase 1 saw the teams conduct preliminary designs of their rockets including details of simulations and initial test data, all documented and submitted in a report.

The team walked away with $25k, with 2nd place and $15k going to Concordia University and 3rd place and $10k to Portland State University.

Next up Phase 2 sees teams submitting critical design reports of their rockets by March 2020, with the first launch window opening May 30th 2020.

ERAU Rocket Development Lab: Janus Liquid Rocket Engine Hot Fire

The LOX/Jet-A engine utilises a pintle injector, ablative combustion chamber and produces 1000 lbf (4448 N). The engine and test cell were entirely built by students!

Follow the student team on Twitter for all the latest updates!


A busy Weekend for Rocket Project at UCLA

Video Caption: During our tests the weekend of February 16th 2019 at MTA and FAR, we successfully tested our new Fuel and Liquid Oxygen tanks in two separate static fires. This video is of our second fire, using our newly built Thin-Walled Combustion Chamber. Due to a small issue in the building of this new combustion chamber, hot combustion gases built up in a small gap, causing the outward flames seen in the video. Thanks for watching and subscribe to see the launch of this Liquid-Propellant system in only a couple of weeks!

Video Caption: Over this past weekend of the 16th of February 2019, The Prometheus hybrid system successfully static fired at the FAR Facility! Thanks to their continuous hard work on their propulsion system, they got to see their engine light up the desert!