MASA Win Phase 1 of the Base 11 Space Challenge

Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) have won phase 1 of the Base 11 space challenge, a $1 million dollar prize for a university team to build, test and fly a liquid-fueled rocket to 100 km by the end of December 2021.

Phase 1 saw the teams conduct preliminary designs of their rockets including details of simulations and initial test data, all documented and submitted in a report.

The team walked away with $25k, with 2nd place and $15k going to Concordia University and 3rd place and $10k to Portland State University.

Next up Phase 2 sees teams submitting critical design reports of their rockets by March 2020, with the first launch window opening May 30th 2020.

ERAU Rocket Development Lab: Janus Liquid Rocket Engine Hot Fire

The LOX/Jet-A engine utilises a pintle injector, ablative combustion chamber and produces 1000 lbf (4448 N). The engine and test cell were entirely built by students!

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A busy Weekend for Rocket Project at UCLA

Video Caption: During our tests the weekend of February 16th 2019 at MTA and FAR, we successfully tested our new Fuel and Liquid Oxygen tanks in two separate static fires. This video is of our second fire, using our newly built Thin-Walled Combustion Chamber. Due to a small issue in the building of this new combustion chamber, hot combustion gases built up in a small gap, causing the outward flames seen in the video. Thanks for watching and subscribe to see the launch of this Liquid-Propellant system in only a couple of weeks!

Video Caption: Over this past weekend of the 16th of February 2019, The Prometheus hybrid system successfully static fired at the FAR Facility! Thanks to their continuous hard work on their propulsion system, they got to see their engine light up the desert!

Nexø II Successfully Launches

The team at Copenhagen Suborbitals had a successful launch and recovery of their Nexø II this past weekend. Launching from the Baltic Sea on Saturday, August 4th, the 6.7m long, 0.3m diameter rocket ascended to an altitude of 6.5km (21,325ft), before coming down, first on a ballute and then its main chute. The liquid oxygen/ethanol fueled engine provided a nominal thrust of 5000N (1124N) and was intended to power the rocket to between 8-12km in altitude.

The flight was obviously a shortfall in the altitude expected but a success in every other way. It will be interesting to read the post-mortem as it becomes available.

In the meantime, check out the raw footage of the flight below.

MASA – Year in Review

Video Caption: Follow MASA as it develops its liquid engine, launches and recovers two rockets, and pushes the boundaries of amateur rocketry.

Music: “Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen

Nexø II at sea for it’s last major test before launch

The launch is currently scheduled for July 28th with a window of 8-11am UTC.

Video caption: Last week we performed the final test of Nexø II and all launch equipment at sea. This sea acceptance test (SAT) is the last step and a full launch rehearsal. All systems passed, so now Nexø II is ready for launch.

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