UBC Rocketry Conduct Second Liquid Engine Test

The full story of the Nexø II mission August 2018

Some great shots from the team!!

Video Caption: On August 4th 2018 we successfully launched the Nexø II rocket. Nexø II is Copenhagen Suborbitals most advanced rocket to date. In this video we show you the complete story will all the highlights of the mission. Enjoy!

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Roberts Rocket Project Update – 2016-12-29

An update on Roberts rocket project as he works towards the flight of his 250lbf liquid fuelled rocket. Robert has been working towards a full up static test of the rocket, with thoughts on how to use his existing infrastructure to conduct this.

The existing test stand structure will be reused but extra components have been added to secure the rocket vertically. Two 8-foot 3030-S beam extrusions from 80/20 Inc. will be attached to the test stand and supported by aluminum angles. The 80/20 beams are more than I need for this application but I plan to use them later during final assembly to help with alignment of the skin to the frame. The rocket will be mounted 6 inches away from the beam using 3 x 6 x 1/4 inch square tubes as spacers. The thrust load will be reacted through two 1 x 1 x 1/8 inch angles that tie into the injector manifold at the top of the engine and then to the vertical beam.

Robert also talks about modifying a CDI ignition system to provide feedback before opening the igniter valves, this guarantees 100% the sparkplug of the igniter will be working when the propellant is passed through it, thus allowing the main engine to be ignited.

One feature I wanted onboard was feedback from the CDI ignition module to verify it is working before opening the igniter valves. However, the CDI power supply comes from an isolated offboard source so I had to design an optoisolated current monitor circuit that ties into the onboard data system

I have just personally ordered a CDI ignition system for my own project so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

You can read the full update here.

Interstellar Tech Engine Tests

A few of the latest engine tests of Interstellar Technologies 12kN LOX/Ethanol pressure fed rocket engine. The engine is intended to power the companies sounding rocket Momo to 100km.

USC LPL Blue Steel Test

Video Caption: Published on Dec 21, 2016 • A static test of Blue Steel, our GOX/Kerosene engine, at the highest pressure yet. Regulated pressure was 1600 psi for ox and 1500 psi for fuel.

SDSU Rocket Project Updates

A few new updates from the SDSU Rocket Project over on Facebook.

From Facebook,

Today Rocket Project completed a successful test of part of our recovery system. This specific mechanism will allow for a dual-deployment parachute system without the need for multiple large recovery charges.


CS Thrust Vector Control Test

Video Caption: TVG-BPM5 – Thrust Vectoring Gimbal Bi-propellant motor 5 [kN]
Tested the 30th of October 2016.
Bachelor Thesis in Mechatronic Systems Engineering by Jop Nijenhuis.