Building a Liquid Rocket Engine Test Stand

Video Caption: We (as students at UC San Diego) designed, built, and tested a rocket engine test stand that can be used to test various liquid rocket fuel mixtures. The test stand was brought to Friends of Amateur Rocketry in the Mojave Desert, California, where the static fire test was conducted. Our research team manufactured biofuel to test the performance against the industry standard (kerosene-based) RP-1.

A presentation of the work will be featured at the 15th Reinventing Space Conference, 2017.

Supervisor: Dr Steve Harrington
Assistant: Victor Gandarillas

Members of the team:
Harrison Box, Justin Laughlin, Trevor Irwin, Claude-Henry Djongoue, Zoe Warp, Irani Tinio, David Cruz, Joe McMinn, Roy Barnea, Kenny Wong, Nick Lopez, Andy Kieatiwong, Elizabeth Maher

Instagram Pic of the Week

Great to see some fire from the Ursa Major Technologies team!!

A slightly foggy day – BPM-5 engine test day

Video Caption: BPM-5 engine test day
the 4th of February 2017
As something new, we used our pressurisation system actively by changing the engine chamber pressure along the way. We tried to keep the O/F ratio constant and change the feed pressure so the chamber pressure would increase.
We would then be able to map the O/F ratio and chamber pressure with just a few tests.
by Copenhagen Suborbitals

Video: LOTUS Cold Flow Tests

BURPG have posted a video and an update on their recent Lotus engine cold flow tests.

The system performed as planned with only a few simple to fix problems which will see them out cold flow testing again and then hot firing in the not to distant future.

You can read the full update here.