FAR Biprop Static Test

Video Caption: Another successful static test on December 15, 2018 at the FAR site. Liquid Oxygen-Alcohol bi-propellant motor being developed at FAR. I shot the video from the safety of one of the eleven FAR bunkers

150mm Sugar Rocket CATO

Bugger sums this up!

Video Caption: 150 mm KNSU sucrose rocket motor launch. Motor failed at the bulkhead resulting in a CATO. Friends of Amateur Rocketry test facility, Mojave Desert.

SDSU Rocket Project Testing

The student team, SDSU Rocket Project, have been out testing their Galactic Aztec rocket this past weekend at the FAR site in Mojave. With a new LR101 rocket engine implemented in a gimbal system, the team pulled off a successful test of this combination.

Looking forward to seeing this rocket fly!

Check out the fiery goodness below!



100mm LOX/Wax Hybrid Rocket Motor Test

Video Caption: Too much LOX on board, motor ran out of fuel but LOX kept flowing burning up the liner, other wise nice burn. In a perfect world, the oxidizer and fuel run out at exactly the same time, in less than perfect burning, you hope to run out of oxidizer (LOX) first. At 0:54 seconds into the video you can see the paraffin fuel being extruded out the nozzle.

FAR Tests and Launches

Caption: Several rocket launches and static motor tests at the FAR site on Saturday, February 6, 2016.

Caption: Sorbitol fuel with AP, AN, and KN combination as the oxidizer.
First burn is an open air 98mm burn test at night.
Second is a single grain 98mm ‘J’-impulse static motor test.
AP and AN added to increase Isp of the sugar propellant.


Carbon Origins in Make Magazine

Carbon Origins, a rocket technology startup, making light weight, compact flight computers for rocketry has featured in Make magazine.

It is quite an extensive piece but is very much worth the read, showing how an amateur project can go main stream and fulfill a niche market, while also opening up a new market non-rocket related.

You can read the article here.