Princeton Aiming for Space Again

The team had told me late last year they will be attempting their space shot again, now it is finally official!
The first launch of their two-stage rocket, unfortunately, suffered a failed ignition of the sustainer, the vehicle performed flawlessly and the sustainer was recovered. By the recent post, it looks like they will have the ignition issues sorted this time round!

Check out the team’s website here for more rocket information!

Princeton SpaceShot Launching Today

Updated 27/5/18 – Launch delayed to 9am Mountain time

The Princeton SpaceShot team will attempt to launch their 2-stage rocket to the Karman line May 27th from Spaceport America.

The launch is slated for 8am 9am Mountain time (11 am EST, 8 am PDT, 3 am NZST(28th)).

The rocket has a predicted apogee of 455,650ft (138.8 km)  and is powered by two COTS motors. The booster will use an O5040X, burning for 4.5s at an average thrust of 1133lbf (5040N) before coasting for 12s where the sustainer, powered by a M1378 will ignite giving the rocket its final push towards space, Table 1.

The spent booster will coast to 35,000ft before descending on a stable ballistic trajectory. The sustainer will deploy a 12″ parachute at apogee and descend on this until impact. To help the team track the flight and recover the sustainer the rocket has dual fully independent AIM XTRA GPS flight computers, each providing live data telemetry, a GoPro is also on board to record the entire flight.

Flight events (Credit: Princeton SpaceShot)

Charlie Garcia from the MIT Rocket team will be live-tweeting from the launch, so make sure to give him a follow for real-time updates. And of course, there will be a live stream as mentioned in the team’s Facebook post above.

Good luck to all!