Launch of LC-39D

RML Spacelab has launched their floating rocket launch platform, LC-39D. The platform will serve their upcoming Alpha and Bravo rocket flights and their manned flights in the future.

19g on the Rocket Centrifuge!

RML Spacelab have conducted another test of their rocket powered centrifuge, although no one in the seat for this run.

Check out the ‘G’ indicator in the pilot’s seat!

And also in high speed.

RML Rocket Powered Centrifuge Test!

A test of RML Space Labs rocket powered centrifuge, epic!!

Video Caption: On March 4th 2017 this rocket powered human centrifuge will be manned for the first time as RML rocket pilot and CEO Peter Madsen is strapped into it, to endure a simulated suborbital rocket launch.

There is however, nothing simulated about the rocket motor, or the g load, it burns live propellants, and was tested to a staggering 10,5 g´s during this unmanned dressed rehearsal.

With the rocket pilot strapped in the g-loads will be 5 – 6 during the first manned ride, but the contraption can go well beyond this level as seen in the video.

The test is public, if you happen to be in Copenhagen on 4th March 2017.…

Video Walk Through of RML Centrifuge

Peter Madsen carries out a walkthrough of his team’s rocket centrifuge, that will be used to train the pilot and let them experience the loads that will be expected when launched on their manned rocket.
It will be an exciting time on both!!

The centrifuge is expected to be tested on March 4th, 2017.

RML Spacelab 2017

Video Caption: A short introductory video to the mission of the RML Spacelab, and it’s primary mission – “First Amateur in Space” – To learn more about the project, and it’s CEO Peter Madsen (Voiceover) visit us at or write us at – The project is run solely on donations, sponsorships and custom solutions for among other the movie and design/engineering industry, so please subscribe, or write us, if you have anything to add to the mission 🙂

The video was recorded by Jacob Pytlich, Claus Mejling, Sonny Windstrup, Peter Madsen, Andre Christensen and other members of CS and RML crews i 2011 – 2017.

RML Test Centrifuge Rocket

The rocket-powered centrifuge is intended to imitate the flight of the rocket, letting Peter experience the G-forces that he will experience on the actual manned flight.
This test involved a subject sitting in the seat to evaluate the acoustics and vibration of having a rocket engine strapped so close.

I am sure it will be one hell of a ride!!