RML Hybrid Separation Test

Video Caption: On November 10th RML had the 3rd successful hybrid rocket engine test. Testing 100mm Dinitrogenoxid and Pur, all tests with success.

The team has been testing how long it takes the rocket exhaust to burn through various sized metal rods, this will be used to drop the early guidance system. I presume this is the wire guided system intended to be used at launch to avoid a long launch rail while keeping the rocket stable until aerodynamic forces can properly take over. Interorbital Systems recently used this approach, but it has also been employed by the French on their early sounding rockets.

RML 3D Printed Rocket Fuel Grain Test

Having trouble embedding a full Facebook post but below is what the text says,

Our test today went perfectly. 3D-printed rocket fuel grain works like a charm, and we got data on how long it takes the flame to burn through an eight millimeter steel rod. Notice how it jumps about two seconds into the burn. This is going to find use as a reliable way to drop the early guidance system, so that the rocket can continue unencumbered towards space.

The really interesting bit starts about four minutes into the video. We are working on putting together a more streamlined video with more angles. Expect it soon.

-Kasper / RML

From what I can gather RML had the hybrid grain mould pieces 3D printed, whether these were removed or kept in the grain I am not sure.

RML SpaceLab Static Engine Tests

Video Caption: On April 10th The Laboratory had a static test of rocket engines and The RML Media Group made a short film about it.

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