Liquid Rocket Engines 8: Aerospikes

Video Caption: Hi Rocketeers! Today we’ll be looking at how to design an aerospike nozzle by hand. I’m definitely not doing an aerospike nozzle on my engine, but I’d done the math for another project and I thought it would be cool to show off!

My previous video on nozzles:
Everyday Astronaut’s Aerospike Video…
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USCLPL Balerion Engine Test Ends in Flames

Not all the flames went the direction they were supposed too!

The Balerion engine is 3D printed from Inconel 718, using a LOX/kero propellant combination and produces 10,008.5 N (2250lbf) of thrust. USCLPL has partnered with the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), Japan to provide the engine for their winged reused sounding rocket project #13.

You can read more of the engine technical details here.

Instagram Pic of the Week

Slightly off-topic today, but every time I see this picture I instantly think of the engineering that has gone on to get to this point, amazing!

Instagram Pic of the Week

Liquid Rocket Engines 3: Sleeve and Seals

Video Caption: Hi Rocketeers! This episode focuses on the parts of the pintle, and getting them ready for drawings.

Parker O-Ring Guide:…

Liquid Rocket Engines 1 : Design

Charlie Garcia, an MIT student is on a quest to build a liquid rocket engine and wants you to follow along! Starting a video series, you can learn and follow his progress and see what it actually takes to achieve fire!

Video Caption: I explain how I chose very high level parameters for my rocket engine I’ll be working on over the summer.