ERIG: Hydra 4X Test

The video’s show the HYDRA 4X hybrid rocket motor testing from the Fall and Summer of 2018.

ERIG is a team of students from the Technical University of Braunschweig, developing and constructing experimental rockets. HYDRA 4X produces 2000 N of thrust and will burn for 15 s propelling the team’s FAUST II rocket to 10 km in altitude.

Signal R2 Flight Computer IOS App

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Signal R2:

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Cal Poly Space Systems HM7 Hybrid Motor Test

Video Caption: 9 second test burn of Hybrid Motor 7 – Heavy. This is the first burn with enough thrust to launch safely, as well as our most stable burn.

Graveler II Stats

YouTube still of Graveler II in action! (Credit: USCRPL)

The stats are in from the recent Graveler II rocket motor test by USCRPL,

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, Feb 17th 2018 when GRAVELER II, an 8-inch diameter, 80.5-inch long R-class solid rocket motor, was successfully fired, becoming the the largest successful composite case static fire by an amateur group based on total impulse! The motor delivered a total impulse of 42,000 lbf-sec,producing a maximum thrust of 4864 lbs.

Of note,

Graveler II, short for “Ground Traveler,” was a static test of the rocket motor for the upcoming Traveler III space shot rocket. This test was a key milestone in the development of Traveler III, validating the motorcase and nozzle design while also providing important data to characterize the performance of the rocket motor.

Read the full update and check out the test video here.

DARE DHX-400 Nimbus Test

From Facebook,

The 11th engine test is finally here! After the success of the last test, we are happy to announce that test 11 yielded an even better result! Not only did we manage to reach the full design burn time of the engine, we also even managed to extend the burn time of the engine, improving the total performance of the engine. Are you curious to see what burn time we reached? Then check out this video!

MIT Rocket Team N3000 Static Fire

From Facebook,

Ignition! The teams first monolithic finocyl motor set team records for highest thrust and highest efficiency, peaking at 6800 N of thrust and 224.2 s of isp.

The team is really pushing forward with their work on solid rocket motors, great to see so many frequent tests on variously sized motors.

I expect to see good things at this rate of progress!