Peter Madsen Tests his Rocket Powered Centrifuge!

Peter Madsen of RML SpaceLab, over the weekend, took his rocket powered centrifuge for a test run, and boy what a ride it looked like!

The N2O/Polyurethane hybrid rocket engine had a burn time of 5 seconds spinning Peter up to a peak G-loading of 6.8gs. The aim of the centrifuge is to replicate the G-forces that Peter will experience on his future manned flight, therefore fully preparing him for all flight regimes.


RML Rocket Powered Centrifuge Test!

A test of RML Space Labs rocket powered centrifuge, epic!!

Video Caption: On March 4th 2017 this rocket powered human centrifuge will be manned for the first time as RML rocket pilot and CEO Peter Madsen is strapped into it, to endure a simulated suborbital rocket launch.

There is however, nothing simulated about the rocket motor, or the g load, it burns live propellants, and was tested to a staggering 10,5 g´s during this unmanned dressed rehearsal.

With the rocket pilot strapped in the g-loads will be 5 – 6 during the first manned ride, but the contraption can go well beyond this level as seen in the video.

The test is public, if you happen to be in Copenhagen on 4th March 2017.…