A Test Stand For All!

SEDS UCSD has wrapped up work on their new static fire system, Colossus.
The universal test stand offers cryo compatible tanks on both the fuel and oxidiser side, a structure designed to withstand 5000lbf, multiple pressure transducers and load cells and is available for YOU to rent to test your own rocket engines!

Check the video out below, it is great to see a student team put so much work into a test stand. This will definitely make life easier down the track when it comes to multiple engine testing/configurations with such a robust and thought out system.

Video Caption: Thank you for joining us for our unveiling of Colossus, our student-built static fire test stand! Colossus is rapidly approaching completion and will soon be made available for student propulsion research at minimal cost.

Learn more about Colossus: https://www.sedsucsd.org/projects/col…

BPS TVC Testing

Video Caption: This test was not intended to(and does not) feature a fully stable vehicle or tuning. The purpose of Series A is to gather high resolution data from the flight computer in order to build an accurate offline model of the vehicle, and its response to a given TVC correction value. The vehicle aimed to keep one axis steady, while cycling through a 10 degree offset in the set-point on the other axis, roughly halfway through the burn. Using the offline model, I can tune the stabilization algorithm without running complicated and expensive tests, saving time in the process. A TVC Series B test will be conducted after thorough offline verification of the ideal tuning is ready, likely within two weeks.

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