BPS.space: Echo Landing Test #5

Video Caption: “just call me bowling ball cause i be rollin” – Echo, 2019 Help support BPS.space: https://www.patreon.com/bps_space

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Nucleus Launch Series

Stepping away from the amateur side of things but this video series on Nammo’s launch of their Nucleus sounding rocket is pretty cool and worth a watch.

The 30kN thrust, 356mm dia hybrid rocket uses hydrogen peroxide and HTPB fuel, and flew to 107.4 km in September of 2018, making it the first hybrid rocket to reach space.

Students Space Association at Warsaw University 18.5 km Rocket Launch

The team broke the amateur rocket altitude record for Poland set at 12.3 km. The 7.5 kN thrust rocket motor burnt for 3.5 seconds sending to rocket 18.5 km in altitude. Although the parachute did not deploy the team was still able to retrieve full telemetry for the duration of the flight.

Stratos IV Launch Delay

As per the below post, the team has decided to reschedule the launch to Summer 2020. Stratos IV is expected to reach the Karman line, they have some fierce competition launching this year so we will have to see how it pans out for that first place!

WARR: March in Review

Video Caption: We take a brief look back at our progress throughout March as we advance towards our cold flow test campaign.

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Rice Eclipse: Luna Engine Test

Video Caption: On March 3rd, the Rice Eclipse team conducted two hot fires of the Luna hybrid rocket engine. The first test, the seventh of this propulsion system, implemented gas injection thrust vector control and a new impinging injector plate geometry. The second test used a recently machined combustion chamber and bulkhead as well as a new batch of chemicals. If you would like to learn more about our team and projects, please visit our website at http://eclipse.rice.edu/ or contact us at eclipse@rice.edu.