Explore the NPO Energomash Show Room

Rocket engines fascinate me, the history of them even more, so check out this link and explore the NPO Energomash showroom in 360°.

And if you are still after some rocket engine history, I thoroughly recommend “History of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines” by George P. Sutton. Well worth it to have on your shelf.

Instagram Pic of the Week

Instagram Pic of the Week

Russian Rocket Fact/Info Sheets

A little diversion from normal posts, but needed I think!

As some who likes to tinker and design rockets, I draw inspiration from other projects but also the real world, that being past and present rocket and rocket engine systems.
I had the opportunity to attend the Berlin Airshow a few years ago where I grabbed a few information/fact sheets from the Roscosmos stand, of which I have finally got around to scanning onto my computer.
It’s sometimes fun to look at pictures and try to decipher things…(or is that just me!?), so if you are in the need to look at some Russian space hardware to figure out a thing or two, or purely just to marvel, click below!

(L-R, Proton Space Launch System, Rockot Space Launch System, RD-191 engine, RD-180 engine and RD-170/171 engine)

proton-LV   Rockot-LV  RD191  RD180  RD170