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BPS Falcon Heavy Flight 1

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For some nostalgia, here is the Falcon 1 payload user guide.

BPS: Falcon Heavy Second Stage Testing

Joe launched his 1/48 scale Falcon Heavy back in June, he has now tested the second stage in anticipation of an all up flight test!
Make sure to head over to to buy your own Signal flight computer to do this yourself!

BPS 1/48 Scale Falcon Heavy Launch

Liftoff of the Falcon Heavy Boosters (Credit:

Joe Barnard of has flown his 1/48 scale Falcon Heavy model demonstrating the ability of the Signal flight computer to control a 3 core rocket. Each core was equipped with its own Signal FC and TVC (Thrust Vector Control) mount, by firing the two core boosters at liftoff the combined TVC control allows the rocket to pitch, yaw and roll about its axis.

As is demonstrated in the video below, the rocket executes a 20° roll program after liftoff and holds this until burn out before the centre core takes over and flys away.

The model even has a second stage fully equipped as well, lets hope we see an all up test soon!

A pretty awesome feat!
I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking!

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. #Detail of the #RaptorEngine which will be used in BFR – Big Fucking Rocket. 31 of these bad boys will create a monster thrust of 29,000,000 lbs (~129,000 kN) and will push the BFR to the space. For comparison, recent Falcon Heavy launch recorded a total thrust 5,000,000 lbs (~23,000 kN). Now you know. Come on, iťs not rocket science…….or is it 🚀🎓 . . . More info on the BFR rocket and the ITS – Interplanetary Transport System – coming soon. Stay tuned! . . . #starman #starmanbyspacex #raptorengine #bfr #bigfuckingrocket #rocketscience #dnesletim #rocketlaunch #its #iauconference #interplanetarytransportsystem #motor #followme #spacexploration #spacex #engineering #technology #sosa

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A Thrust Vectoring FH Model Rocket…Yep!

A model Falcon Heavy with landing gear, gimbaled engines and a flight computer that will enable it to propulsively land! Yep you read right!

Joe Barnard of BPS, known for the development of the Signal Avionics, a thrust vectoring (plus lots more) flight computer for hobby rocketry, has been making a FH rocket!

No better way to test the avionics than on a three core booster, complete with hold down clamps and all!
Looking forward to seeing this fly!