Stratos III Disintegrates 20 seconds into Flight

From the teams Twitter account,

#StratosIII was launched last night and 20 seconds into the flight the rocket disintegrated. Together with INTA, we’re investigating the anomaly and the cause of the failed attempt. We’re awaiting the post-flight review with INTA and we’ll release our official statement tomorrow.

Really feel for the team, they are a bunch of enthusiastic and talented students, so I am sure they will find the cause and come back in force to reclaim the European student altitude record.

Video Caption: During flight, optronics is used to track the rocket. The glare seen just before disintegration of the rocket are due to the tracking cam refocusing its lenses on the rocket. Two shots of the rocket lifting off show a clean liftoff and initially a nominal flight.

Stratos III Launching July 2018

As a member of the team put it,
“Launching a big rocket from Spain in July, get hyped!”

At 8.2m in length, 0.28m in diameter and producing on average 15kN of thrust for 25s, I could not agree more!!

Check out more info on Stratos III here.

Stratos II+ ignition Hiccup

Dare was due to launch Stratos II+ today, but a hiccup in the ignition system meant the rocket did not get off the ground. More specifically the ignition valve failed to open, this allows a small amount of nitrous oxide into the chamber and acts as a pre-heater before the main valve is open. The full update is here.

The team are aiming to try for the next available launch window, which is 1600 CEST, October 16th.
Once again you can watch the launch live here!!
Check the teams Facebook and website for the most recent updates.

Stratos II+ on the pad dumping its 85kg of Nitrous Oxide (Credit: DARE)

DARE Gearing up for Stratos II+ launch

A few new news posts from DARE as they prepare to launch Stratos II+ in October.

Advanced Control Team Update: The Payload

Engine Control Electronics

Stratos II+: The Second Rehearsal

Members of DARE and Stratos II at the launch pad in 2014. (Credit: Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering)


Stratos II+ Launch Season Kick-Off

The students of Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering are gearing up for the 2015 launch campaign of StratosII+,  the team has two launch windows 13-16th and 19-20th October. Working on lessons learned from last years scrubbed launch, the team has posted a new update detailing some of this efforts, more specifically on the actuated main nitrous valve and the tank fill disconnect.

You can read the full update here.


Students wheel Stratos II to the launch pad in 2014 at INTA’s El Arenosillo launch base in the south of Spain. (Credit: Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering)

To stay up to date with this years launch, make sure to follow DARE on social media, as well as checking for updates on their website or here on Mach 5,