BPM100 in 100 days

Copenhagen Suborbitals are planning to design and build a testable prototype of their new BPM100 (100kN) engine for their Spica rocket in the next 100 days.

Video Caption: After the successful launch of the Nexø II it’s time to move on to the SPICA class rockets. In the coming years the SPICA and it’s 100KN engine will be our top priority. And now we have kickoff – we are aiming to build the first BPM100 engine in 100 days!

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Spica Space Capsule

Copenhagen Suborbitals have given us a first look at their Spica rocket space capsule, brought back on board as a consultant, former co-founder Kristian vonBengston has been undertaking the initial capsule design, of which is shown below.

The Spica rocket is intended to carry one passenger on a suborbital trajectory to 100km and return safely back to ground.