12″ Diameter Sugar Rocket Flight

Flown on a 100mm M impulse KNSB motor, the rocket will eventually fly on a 300mm motor with 300kg of propellant.

Video Caption: Our largest (in size) sugar rocket flown. Launch and recovery was perfect, the flight was to test the airframe, avionics, and recovery systems. Propellant was KNSB. While built for a small ‘R’-impulse motor, for this test an adapter was used for a small previously tested 100mm ‘M’-impulse KNSB motor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOwow…

Sugar Shot to Space: Titanium Nozzle Test

Video Caption: Another view of the 6,900 N-sec test of our new titanium nozzle. The motor used 6 grains of KNSB sugar propellant in 100 mm motor. Test conducted from the safety of two of FAR’s 11 bunkers.

SS2S 2-Stage Rocket Test

Sugar Shot 2 Space (SS2S) are working towards a space shot of an entirely sugar propellant fueled rocket.

Video Caption: Small scale 2-stage Sugar Shot flight for testing our avionics and recovery. Booster performed well and recovered with no damage. The second stage failed to ignite (problem was found and will be corrected. Second stage recovery also successful with no damage. 150 mm ‘O’ impulse motor was successfully launched last June.
75mm second stage was successfully flown several times both as a single stage and as the second stage on a 100 mm booster.

Sugar Shot to Space Successful 150mm Booster Flight

World’s Largest Sugar Propellant Grains and 3rd Flight of the Phoenix Rocket

Video Caption: Casting the second 12″ x 20″ (300mm x 500mm) sugar propellant grain at the FAR site. Each grain will have a 3″ (75mm) core and approximately 130 pounds (55 kg) of propellant with an expected motor burn time of 16.7 seconds. The Phoenix launch was a small 100mm 2-grain sugar motor with 1″ (25mm) cores used for inexpensively flight testing propellant, electronics and other components. Each Phoenix flight cost three dollars…what a bargain!

Phoenix 3 Sugar Rocket Launch

Video Caption: A 4″ (100mm) ‘K’ impulse 2-grain sugar motor. The airframe was made from salvaged and scrounged materials from other rockets. The propellant was KNSB with a 1″ (25mm) core. Launched November 5, 2016 from the FAR site, Mojave Desert.

89mm Sugar Shot to Space ‘M’ impulse sugar motor test two at FAR

Video Caption: The second static test of an 89mm ‘M’ impulse KNSB sugar motor at the FAR site in the Mojave Desert of California for the Sugar Shot to Space project. (Friends of Amateur Rocketry dot org and on facebook)