BPS.space on TMRO

Video Caption: Joe Barnard of BPS.space joins us to talk about his work in making model rockets emulate larger, liquid fueled vehicles such as Falcon and Electron. He has created many amazing models and has been working on thrust vector control (TVC) steering of models as well as being able to stage and even land model rockets. This is his story.

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Top 5 Rockets Of All Time!

A little off topic but I have to share this video.

Jared Head, a TMRO SpacePod reporter gives us his list of the top 5 rockets of all time.

Speaking of rockets, SpaceX is set to launch their CRS-7 mission to the ISS later today and will try again to land the F9 first stage on a barge, hopefully third time is a charm, and it also happens to be Elon Musks birthday on launch day, how cool would that gift be!