The Hound – Mechanics and Test Flights

The launch from Black Rock is expected to take place in 2 weeks time, the team is aiming to smash the 32.3 km current European student altitude record.

Video Caption: If our rocket performs as we expect, we reach an altitude that is beyond the “von Karman line”. A rocket which has to fly up to the desired heights experiences lots of stresses that don’t need to be considered for lower altitudes. These include the mechanical and thermal stresses at hypersonic speeds, engine ignition under reduced pressure, and apogee detection in a vacuum, to name a few. To overcome these problems, many components needed a special design.

Our head of mechanics, Andreas Bauernfeind, will tell you about the design, manufacturing and testing of the rocket that shall break records.

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A Look at The Hound Avionics

As posted earlier, the TU Wien Space Team are gearing up to launch their Hound rocket from Black Rock desert in Nevada near the end of September in an attempt to break the European student altitude record.

In this video, the team goes over the avionics package used to conduct such a flight.

TU Wien Space Team Shooting for the European Student Altitude Record

With the recent launch anomaly suffered by DARE and their Stratos III rocket, the European student altitude record still stands at 32.3 km, set by the University of Stuttgart HyEnD team with their HEROS 3 rocket in 2016. But this may soon be broken by another team!

In a few weeks, the TU Wien Space Team will travel to the Black Rock desert in Nevada to attempt to break this record.
Dubbed ‘The Hound‘ the minimum diameter 2 stage rocket is boosted on a 98 mm COTS motor followed by a 75 mm COTS sustainer motor. The team has designed the rocket to reach 100 km, therefore breaking all records and hence the launch from Black Rock.

The launch is expected to occur on the weekend of 21st September 2018.

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