Instagram Pic of the Week

Instagram Pic of the Week

Rocket Project at UCLA Shoot for the FAR MARS Prize

Rocket Project at UCLA has become one of the first teams to launch for the FAR MARS prize.

The team launched their Odyssey 2 rocket from the FAR test site on May 5th, unfortunately, ~7-8s into the flight while travelling at ~ Mach 1 the vehicle was lost due to a RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly). The team believe this was caused due to torsion on a welded fitting to the fuel tank.
Building and flying a liquid fuelled rocket is no mean feat, so a fantastic achievement from the team and they are not stopping here, the team plan to be back next year to have another shot at the prize.

Rocket Project at UCLA: Odyssey 1 Record Test Launch

Video Caption: (T-5 DAYS) Last month, we test launched the Odyssey 1 to over 12,000 feet, which we believe is a record for a rocket powered by a student-built liquid bi-propellant engine. On May 5, we will attempt to launch a new and improved rocket, the Odyssey 2, to at least 30,000 feet, shattering that record. Stay tuned during the week for more information and updates leading up to our launch window.

Rocket Project at UCLA LOX/Ethanol Engine Test

Rocket Project at UCLA has conducted another test of their LOX/Ethanol rocket engine, the engine produced ~600lbf (2669N) of thrust and had a total impulse of 9000lbf.s.