USCRPL: Space or Nothing Documentary Trailer

As you should know by now, USCRPL became the first university student team to launch a rocket into space, when on April 21st of this year, their Traveler IV rocket reached 103.6 km, claiming the record.

A documentary film made by ¬†Joseph DeRose, a USC Cinematic Arts student is set to be released July 12th, giving us all an insight into the team’s path towards space.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below!

Traveler IV Flight Videos……(Waiting for Space Confirmation!)

While we wait for USC to confirm the altitude obtained by their Traveler IV rocket, they have posted some video of the launch to quench our thirst.
If you listen carefully you can hear a call out of 49 km which surpasses their Fathom II rocket flight to 43 km and hence their highest flying rocket to date. But did it reach 100 km? we will just have to wait a little longer!

USCRPL Aiming for Space Once Again

This will be the 2nd student space shot attempt for 2019 that I know of, and USCRPL’s 4th try. Read about the team’s previous attempts here and here.

Instagram Pic of the Week

Video: Traveller II Launch + Year in Review

USC RPL have uploaded a video of their ill-fated Traveller II rocket launch last year.
The student group was aiming to be the first to send a rocket on a suborbital trajectory, but a weaker than expected carbon fibre motor case around the forward motor closure put a stop to this, with the rocket coming to bits in the air.

You can watch the video below and read the full launch report with many pictures here.

The group have also posted 2014-2015 Year in Review, where they pick up from Traveller and continue developing the technologies to hit that 100km mark.